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M22 Dragonsight Locations Guide

Our video guide below contains all 12 Dragonsight Locations in Dragonbone Vale.

There are 3 Dragonsight statues in each of the 4 areas, Whetstone Thicket, Quellwater Tarn,

Wyrmbone Marrows & Scaleblight Summit.


Each of the statues can be accessed once per hour, giving you many opportunities to complete your daily quest from Kavatos and also further farming of them to have a chance of dropping the Dragon Weapon Caches and the resources needed to upgrade these weapons and access the gears in the campaign store. 

For those who prefer a written guide, Loradiel Evenfall (an officer in our guild, Legion of the Dead Winter

on Xbox) has prepared an easy to follow guide for the first 9 sites, on Google Drive.

This guide will be updated as consoles receive the Scaleblight Summit Content on March 1st 2022.

(This guide is best viewed in 'Desktop View' if using a mobile device)


To add it to your own Drive follow the link
Direct Link:

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