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In Memory of WiCKid from #NWPC

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Hi Everyone

It is with a bowed head and tears in our eyes that we have to announce the sad passing of a very well known player on #NWPC. Many of you will know or at least have heard of WiCKiD from the Loving Life Alliance. Sadly, we received the news yesterday (8th June 2022) that he passed away very suddenly.

WiCKiD was known for helping many players across the NWPC platform including many new players and could be regularly found in the Well of Dragon's organising the Dragon Herald runs.

We spoke to a good friend of his, Tauriel from the Loving Life Alliance and this is what he had to share with us about WiCKid's achievements and legacy:

"In the game, he was a legend! WiCKiD was well-known in PE chat, sometimes offering advice or answering questions, sometimes trolling a bit depending on his mood, but he was generous and kind overall.

WiCKiD was a community-builder. He loved the game and he loved those of us who played it with him. He created the ' Dragonrunners' channel to help coordinate Herald runs in the Well of Dragon's which he enjoyed and where he became known as one of the finest "callers" for that event. He created the 'Talk Tank' channel too, dedicated to helping tanks improve their skills. Both of those channels continue to be very active, and their members are grieving...

The greatest part of the community that he built was the Loving Life Alliance. We became a family through him because he believed we were one. He was our Dad, our Gramps and even our grumpy Uncle sometimes, but he truly did love life, Neverwinter, and all of the NWPC family. We miss him terribly already."

There have been spontaneous memorial events already in the past day as this sad news began to spread, from a 'Dark Horse Ride' within the Loving Life Alliance Stronghold to a meet up in Protector's Enclave (#16) last night (8th June 2022) some images of which are below...

Dark Horse Ride. Image Credit: Tauriel - Loving Life Alliance
8th June PE16 Memorial. Image Credit: Tauriel - Loving Life Alliance

In addition, this Saturday, June 11th, the Loving Life Alliance have a full day of Dragon Herald Runs in the Well of Dragons in memory of WiCKiD and would love as many people to join in with them as possible.

The main Heralds event will take place at 12.45pm PDT/3.45pm EDT/8.45pm GMT UK

Lastly, there is a campaign over on the official Neverwinter forums, to install a permanent memorial to WiCKiD in Protector's Enclave. If you wish to give your support to the memorial, or just leave your memories of him... the thread can be found here Our team at Neverwinter for NOOBS would like to extend our thoughts and condolences to all of WiCKiD's family and friends... he will be very sorely missed by many. Sleep Peacefully WiCKid.

Our Tribute Video:


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