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Our Neverwinter Media Event Press Pack arrived today!!

by Ennileah for Neverwinter for NOOBS

For those of you that haven't seen our blog that was published yesterday, the NWN team were given the opportunity to take part in a recent media event for the Mod 21 - Jewel of the North PC launch and had the chance to interview Salim Grant, Senior Game Designer on the Neverwinter development team. That interview can be found here:

Participants in the event were mailed out a free gift from Cryptic Studios and the mail man woke me this morning with our gift!

What's in the Box?

Imagine my reaction on seeing this presentation box... bear in mind, the mail man woke me up with this very early, so no coffee, half asleep and bleary eyed too haha! Needless to say, within seconds of me opening the outer packaging, I was instantly wide awake!

The box itself is beautiful!! With all things Dungeons & Dragons, the illustration on the box does not disappoint. The box itself measures up at H12" x W5" x D5" (H30cm x W12cm x D12cm) so it's not the smallest of things. I love the design!!! That Dragon... Oooh it looks so grand! It's a very sturdy box and one that will take pride of place in my home!

(Note to self: I need a new display cabinet!).

But What's Inside...?

The best bit of receiving a surprise gift is opening it don't you think? Cryptic Studios gave me no indication of what the contents were to be...

It's a Steel Tankard!!!!! Well this wouldn't be out of place filled with Mead in Driftwood Tavern... although I think my coffee would go great in there too, that is if I ever dare use it.

The detailing on the tankard engraving is so intricate such attention has been paid here especially. It is so light and easy to handle.

The Coasters

I am so in love with both of the coasters! Again, the attention to detail here is fantastic!

The white coaster, emblazoned with the well-known 'N' logo, appears to be a PU material and wipeable to get rid of any marks that may appear during use. Just look at that pattern!! What's not to love here?

The second coaster, made of cork, carries the new Bard class logo, is very well made and the logo stands out so much!

I am so pleased to be the proud new owner of these fantastic gifts! Now I just need to decide if I will use them for their intended purpose, or put them on display.

I would love to know what our readers would choose to do if they received these beautiful items... let us know in the comments below.


I would like to extend a huge thank you to Julia (Nitocris), our wonderful Neverwinter Community Manager and the team over at Cryptic Studios for getting these out to me in time for the Jewel of the North Launch.

ICYMI - Module 21 - Jewel of the North and the new Bard Class launches to PC on July 27th 2021 & this coming Fall on Xbox and Playstation.

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