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Code of Conduct & Forum Rules

  1. NWN will not be held liable for content you share that may be seen by the game's developers or 3rd parties; Our Forums are publicly viewable. We urge you not to breach the Arc Terms of Service.

  2. Admission to the Members Areas.
    Acceptance is via Admin Approval only and may take up to 24 hours to accept your join request. By holding an active account at, you agree to adhere to these guidelines at all times.


  3. Conduct 
    Members must remain polite/respectful at all times. Any content deemed to be disrespectful/abusive or otherwise against this code or in breach of our Terms of Use will be removed.


  4. Neverwinter Terms of Service
    Comments detailing any aspect of potential breaches of the Neverwinter Terms of Service (ToS) are not permitted! Neverwinter ToS can be found at the link below.


  5. Guild/Alliance Recruitment
    Recruitment is not permitted in the main forum categories, only in the specific categories provided for recruitment on each platform. Advertise in those 3 Forum categories only. Recruitment outside of the provided categories will be removed.

  6. Keep all forum posts Neverwinter specific & related
    No trade posts/buying/selling or spam posting is allowed. Comments not relating to the game (including memes) will only be permitted in the Members Area Just for Fun Forum Category.

  7. Promotion of Streaming/Gaming Channels
    Your personal streaming channel links are only permitted in the specific forum category linked below:

    Links in our forums to any externally created content must be of informative value and based on accurate facts. Abusive or otherwise detrimental content will not be permitted. Admin/Mods have the right to screen any content and moderate/remove where needed. 

  8. Moderation of posts in breach of these rules
    Comments breaching these guidelines will be removed without warning. We run on a 3 strike basis. On a 3rd removed post you will be banned. Admin have the right to remove any posts for any reason & to remove members before a 3rd infraction if deemed necessary. Admin/Mod decisions are final.

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