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LEGACY - The Rise of Tiamat Trial Guide
by Rebecca Vanderpool
(Updated for M22 by Ennileah)

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Tiamat has three rounds; the second and third will repeat until you defeat Tiamat or run out of time. 

Round one - Defeating the Summoners.

Each Summoner has a colour that corresponds to the Dragon heads colour that will spawn on the same platforms 

later in the trial.  As each summoner is defeated, it leaves behind a "dragon gem" which can be picked up to be

used in the remainder of the trial. The Gems are automatically equipped when selecting the summoner after killing them. 


As an example, the green Summoner will spawn at the location where you will fight the Green Dragon head, and the green Gem you pick up from the summoner can be used for protection against the Green Dragons Breath, which leaves a patch of poison on the floor.

There are 5 platforms, each with a summoner (and later on with a Dragon Head). The 5 colours to note from left to

right are Black, Green, Red, Blue & White.

It is worth noting that if you are defeated during this trial, simply release and run back from the campfire.
You will

be able to return to the fight an infinite amount of times.  Your team will not have time or chance to pick you up

without likely being defeated themselves. Releasing back to the campfire will be quicker for you to return back to

your fighting point and also will remove any revive sickness you would have received by being revived.


It is also not worth wasting Scrolls of Life/Mass Life on this content.  They are better used elsewhere!

Summoner 1.jpg

The usual strategy is that the whole team of 10 players begins at the Black coloured Summoner (on the far left platform as you enter the area from the steps) and move to the right for each summoner after that.  Each of  your team needs

to take at least 1 Gem from a defeated Summoner, most importantly the first 4, Black, Green, Red & Blue. The Black

& White Gems operate a little differently to the others. Most players generally miss taking the White Gem so can be missed, but make sure at least one of your team takes the Black Gem.  It also helps if at least 2 of the team takes the same gem (from Green, Red & White) to be able to provide a 'Bridge' across the area of the dragons heads

effects later on.

After the summoners are all defeated and your team has all collected a Gem you then fight Severin. He will spawn

front and center on a small platform in front of the Dragon platforms you have just been fighting on.


After he is defeated, Round 2 begins.


Round Two: Protect the Clerics 

Kill the mobs that are attacking the clerics while they cast their spell that will allow Tiamat to be attacked.


The key to filling the progress bar on the right of your screen, is to pull the enemies away from the

Clerics and fight them elsewhere in the area as killing them near the Clerics will not fill the bar

anywhere near as quickly.

Prior to M16 there were 3 clerics to defend, Now (M22 at the time of editing/publishing), there are only two

clerics, one at the far right (Dreamer of Sehanine) and one on the far left (Sehanite Moondancer), the one in

the centre can be ignored.

It helps to speed up this phase if you can split your 10 player team into 2 groups, each group having 1 Tank,

1 Healer and 3 DPS players.

As you defend the clerics, Tiamat will attack each of the 2 groups with their relevant Dragon’s breath attacks. 

The colour of the attack indicates which head it is coming from. The Red (Fire) & Green (Poison) Dragons

tend to attack the Left (Moondancer) side, the Blue (lightning) & White (Ice) focus on the right (Sehanine), So dependant on which Dragon Gem you collected can determine the best side for you to go to. 

If you do have the corresponding color gem for the Dragon's AoE attack, you can activate it then stand

inside the circular area it provides to be protected. 

If no gems are activated... move out of the red area as quickly as you can. Also if you are in the right

hand group at Sehanine, your better to avoid the Ice AoE altogether. 

The cooldown of the gem is usually 1 minute before you can activate it again (shorter if a higher Tiamat Hoard Reclamation tier is active) so whether or not  to do this depends on lots of factors, it is wise not to use

the Gem when the progress bars are nearly full,  instead saving your gem for the relevant coloured Dragon

head when you get to the platforms in the next phase.

Dreamer of Sehanine.jpg

The bars on the right of your screen indicate the clerics spellcasting progress, if one is not making as

much progress as the other, you may need a player to switch clerics. This often happens when one group is

not pulling the mobs away from the clerics to fight them.


When the clerics are finished casting their spell, a beam of light is shown going from them towards Tiamat
and you will hear one of the Clerics say 'Sehanine, Answer our Prayers...', This let's you know Tiamat can be

attacked and the next phase is about to start. At this point, the whole of the team should leave the Cleric

points and run to the Black Dragon's platform on the far left side (where you fought the first Summoner).

Mounts can be used here and (throughout the instance) for those further away from this Dragon Head.

Round Three: Fighting Tiamat 


To defeat Tiamat, you need to fight her 5 individual heads. Most groups start at the Black dragon

(the furthest to the left) and move left to right, going from Black to Green to Red to Blue and ending at White.

Green Dragon Head.jpg

When fighting each of the heads, they will periodically fire out their respective attacks, the first attack

typically occurring when you are travelling towards the Dragon Head.  This is where the Dragon Gems you

collected in Round 1 are the most useful.

A good tactic is to move to the Dragon that you hold the Gem for a little before the rest of your group.  If multiple members of your team collected a gem for the same dragon, you can use these to either form a Bridge over the

AoE areas so your team can pass these easier without being defeated, or time the activation of your gems

so one can be fired as the previous one expires. In the image above you can see the Green Dragon Head,

along with the protective area that the Green Dragon Gem provides to protect you from its poison attack.  

Continue moving from left to right to defeat each head. using the gems as you need. 

As we mentioned before the White Dragon is a little different to the rest. If any of your team picked up a

White Gem, this needs to be saved until the White head starts to throw its attack rather than at the start of

that heads fight. It needs to be very well timed, and can bug out on occasion, which is why many players

usually do not take the white gem, instead just trying to avoid the AoE attacks.

The Black Head's attack puts a debuff on players and the gem acts to cleanse that debuff, it doesn't prevent players from getting debuffed so the timing on activating the Black gem needs to be just after the Head has thrown out its attack.

The White Head puts down Ice attacks which become very slippy, so be careful if you are near the edge of

the platform as you can 'fly off' it very easily if you are affected by this attack. Again, if the attacks defeat

you, simply release and run back to the relevant Dragon Head. 

When all heads are defeated completely you are then automatically transported back to the entry room to collect your rewards chest.


If all heads are not defeated within the first phase and within the time allowed (timer is on the right of your

screen), you will then need to travel back to the Clerics again and repeat Round 2. 

 When round 3 starts over, the Heads that were defeated come back at 20% health, even if they were fully

defeated in the first attempt (any that had higher level of health remaining, maintain whatever they

had when time ran out).

You can usually tell if a repeat of the last 2 rounds is going to happen, by the speed of which the health bar on

the Black Dragon comes down on the first run. If the health reduction on the head is slow during round

one,  it is then recommended to use that first attempt at round 3 to knock each head down to 20% health

remaining on each head, not defeating any heads completely at this point.

It is quite likely that the timer will run out while you are fighting the White head and it may have more than

20% health remaining.

You then repeat Round 2 (Defending the Clerics) and on the next attempt at Round 3, your team should start

at the White Head on the right this time and move right to left, the opposite way to the first attempt.

If it takes a third attempt , your group will probably move from left to right again (Black to White), but

watch for a call out in the in game chat to indicate direction, although not all do use the chat to do this, so

be aware of which way most of  your team is travelling. It can sometimes be a good idea to note who is at the

top of the Damage category on the leaderboard and follow that player as they should generally have more

experience in running this content, although that isn't always the case. Some of those more

experienced  Damage dealers have enough DPS alone to finish of a Dragon without help.

Other Factors to Note

Tiamat Hoard Reclamation: 


This has four tiers and runs for a week. The tiers reset at the same time as Weekly Reset every

Monday on all platforms.

The tiers are achieved based on contributions made to the hoard in the camp (at the Wagon on top of

the Gold Pile in the Well of Dragons.

You can check the current level tier by viewing the Tyranny of Dragons campaign and selecting Tiamat

Hoard in the main campaign window. The higher tiers (3 and 4) reduce the cooldowns of the dragon gems, this

helps you be able to use them both while defending the clerics and again when attacking Tiamat.

There are also stat bonuses for each tier, and the rewards that can drop depends on the current tier level.

The higher the Tier, the better chances of better reward drops at the end of the trial and from the Rewards Chest.


Hoard Reclamation.webp

It's wise to keep an eye on the in game chat, (Enable the Say, Raid & Queue Group Channels in your chat

box options). Follow the directions as best you can in these chat channels. Communication is key for

newer players to this content and can make the difference between a run that takes 1 to 2 phases and one

that doesn't finish at all.

If no one is giving help in the chat, ASK!! Some will try to help explain things where they can.


It's best to avoid instructing your group using Zone chat as that channel covers ALL currently

active instances of Tiamat so you would be trying to communicate with more than just the team of 10 in

your own run. This can confuse other groups and most veteran players ignore zone chat in Tiamat

(and other trials) for this reason. 

Last but not least, there are now various ranks of Potions of Dragon Slaying Scrolls of Protection from

Dragons. The potions provide a percentage of Damage increase to your attacks against Dragons,

the Scrolls providing a percentage of protection from any attacks to you by a dragon. They can be very useful

to some players.


As of M22, the legacy versions of both of these, each providing 10% Damage/Protection were discontinued and no longer drop anywhere in game but some can still be purchased from the Auction House.


The new lower % ranks of them (to a Maximum of 5%) can be dropped in the Well of Dragons, from the

Heralds Heroic Encounters that run every hour, at 45 mins past the hour. 

We would like to thank Rebecca, one of our Facebook community members, playing on #NWXbox for taking the time to put together the original Tiamat guide 

for us back in 2019.

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