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Mod 21 Levelling Rework Summary Guide

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Disclaimer: This brief summary guide has been compiled from the current build on Mimic Preview Server (June 5th 2021). Due to the nature of the Public Preview server, this information in this guide is Subject to Change.


On Loading in: 

Neverwinter Fields

Section 1 NW Fields
  1. Valindra’s Siege – Fight to the Bridge

       Rewards: 1 Silver, Arms Gear (Bard: Performers Wraps; Class Mechanics; Encounter Power; Daily; (Bard 1st Song – Blaze Flamenco)

Neverwinter Outskirts – Talk to Lt. Linkletter

  • Collect your Gear, to the left of Linkletter – Gear: Main Hand Weapon, Off Hand Weapon, Shirt (Bard: Simple Lute; Sharp Smallsword, Clean Vest); 10 x Potions of Healing

  • Use an At-Will on the Target Dummy – 0/5

  • Use an Encounter power on the Target Dummy – 0/5

  • Fight Through the Forest – Hit the campfire first. These heal you and remove injuries to your toon

  • Defeat the Zombies

  • Jump over the fallen log

  • Enter the Keep & Talk to Makos

  • Follow Makos and defend him from Zombies for 60 secs

  • Meet with Celeste

  • Reach the Bridge

Sleeping Dragon Bridge

  • Cross the Bridge (fight your way across)

  • Defeat the Harbinger (Cut Scene) Boss Fight. Watch for the mechanic where he pulls you into him.

  • Talk to Makos where he will teleport you to Protector’s Enclave

Protector’s Enclave (PE)

NW M21 PE Banner.png
  • Speak to Makos at the bottom of the Stairs, in front of you. He will send you to the Adventurer’s Guild (Previously known as The Trade of Blades)

  • Meet with Sgt Knox inside the Adventurer’s Guild

NW M21 Mimic Adv Guild.png

Training DayReward: 2 SIlver

  • Speak to the Mount Merchant and claim a mount. Equip the mount from in your inventory. This will give you a Mount Power to equip also. The first power you receive will auto equip.
    To view (and change) your available Mounts and powers, go to the Character Screen and select the Mounts Tab (Consoles: Also available in the game menu).
    Selecting the ‘Current’ tab will show your currently equipped mount that you can ride & the powers and mount speed you have available. When you have more mounts available, you will be able to change these options. To change these, select each option and choose the power/speed you wish to use. You will begin with one mount power and one Mount speed.

NW M21 Mount Tab Current.png
  • Training Day – Travel to the Training Area in the Adventurer’s Guild. The travel point is the Orb on the table to the side of Sgt Knox.

  • Speak with Instructor Corbin.

  • Dodge 3 attacks then speak with the instructor again

  • Complete the tutorial on Combat Advantage and speak to the instructor

  • Complete the tutorial on your ‘Special Class Based Power’ and again speak to the instructor.

  • Complete the tutorial on using your Mount Combat power, again speak to the instructor

  • Complete the Action Points (AP) and Daily Power Tutorial and speak to the instructor.

  • Return to the Adventurer’s Guild via the Orb at side of the Campfire. You may return to the Training room at any time in the future to test your character. Next time you return you will be able to summon allies and enemies in here to help test your toon to the fullest.

  • Speak to Sgt Knox where he will tell you what to do next and hand in the Training Day Quest. And reward you with the Level 2 Rank up.

Section 2


Neverdeath Graveyard – IL required = 6,000

NW M21 Neverdeath.png
  1. Grave News - Travel to Neverdeath Graveyard and speak to Doomguide Volahk
    Rewards: 20 Copper

  2. The Missing Doomguides – Speak to Acolyte Mina Neyman. Find the Missing Doomguides. Go to the Rift to search for the Doomguides
    Rewards: Level 3 Rank up; New Feat, 4 Silver

  3. The Undead and the Dying – Rescue the Doomguides
    Rewards: 6 Silver; Main Hand Weapon, Off Hand Weapon (IL 100)

  4. Rest in Peace  - Plant a Banner of Kelemvor in the North Field, South Field and West Field and slay the Risen Dead
    Rewards: 3 Silver, Arms Gear

  5. A Lich’s Lament – Investigate the Magical Artifact in the Graveyard.
    Rewards: 3 Silver, Boots Gear

  6. A Doomguide’s Duty – Help Acolyte Neyman purge the undead from the fields around the Tree of Souls.
    Rewards: 6 Silver; Chest Gear

  7. The Emissary of the Dead – Enter the Thayan camp and find a way to disrupt Xivros’ Ritual.
    Rewards: Level 4 Rank Up; 6 Silver, Head Gear (IL 100)

  8. Wearers of Purple – Speak with Harper Windle in Neverdeath Graveyard.
    Rewards: 40 Copper

  9. Enter the Dragons – Collect Cultist Orders from Dragon Cultists.
    Rewards: 4 Silver, Amethyst, Level 3 Ring (IL 100)

  10. Dragon Attack – Rescue Zami Monini from the Monini Crypts.
    Rewards: 8 Silver

  11. Artifact Snatch – Collect Waterclock Guild Artifacts from Gnolls and wheelbarrows.
    Rewards: 4 Silver; Amethyst; Shirt & Pants Gears (Min Level 2 - IL 4)

  12. History Lessons – Enter the Artisan’s Tomb and recover Chettlebell’s Book and Loose Pages.
    Rewards: 8 Silver; Amethyst; Level 3 Belt (IL 100); Level 3 Neck (IL 100)

  13. Wheels within Wheels – Activate the Waterclock Guild Seals.
    Rewards: 4 Silver; 25 Seals of the Adventurer

  14. Opening the Way – Go to Craftman’s Rest in the Shadowfell and open the Shadow Lock.
    Rewards: 8 Silver; Main Hand Weapon (Min Level 3, IL 100)

  15. The Clockwork Tomb – Thwart Valindra’s plans in the Clockwork Guild Tomb.
    Rewards: Level 5 Rank Up; New Encounter power; 8 Silver; Level 5 Off Hand Weapon (IL 300); (Bard: New Song – Rejuvenating Carol; Bard: Ability to Quick Slot 1 Song)

  16. Graveyard at Rest – Return to Sgt Knox in Protector’s Enclave (Adventurer’s Guild) and report your findings in Neverdeath Graveyard.
    Rewards: 50 Copper

  17. Five Keys to Success – Learn about Lockboxes and Keys, Invoking the Gods, Companions, the Seals Store, and Queues.
    - Follow the green tutorial windows to learn about the Zen Store. Purchase 3 x Shimmering Keys.
    - Open your inventory and find the 3 Shimmering Lockboxes you have just been given and use the Shimmering Keys to open them.
    Rewards: 1 x Rare Marbled Stallion Mount and a Common Quality Mount Insignia.

    - Equip the new Mount from within your inventory, open your Character screen and navigate to the Mounts Tab. From here you may
    choose to change the mount you ride from the tab.  Then navigate to the ‘Stable’ tab and if you have the right type of Mount Insignia, you can equip it to a mount in the correct slot here. Insignias give you a bonus to your stats and a small amount of Item Level.  When 3 Insignias of a certain type are slotted into 1 mount, they can also give a further bonus to stats, these are called Mount Insignia Bonuses. The available bonuses for the mounts in your stable can be seen by selecting the  ‘Insignia Bonus List’.

NW M21 Mount Tab Stable.png

- Tradebars:  Travel to the Tarmalune Trade Bar Vendor in Protector’s Enclave (PE) situated outside of the Seven Suns Coster Market andExchange your Tradebar Fragments for a reward. Available items include Rank 3 Runestones (for a Companion) and Rank 3 Single StatEnchantments for your characters gear slots. Further Trade Bars can be earnt by opening Lockboxes with Enchanted Keys. (Purchase VIP or Keys from Zen Market to open Lockboxes).


- Travel back to the Adventurer’s Guild and Speak to Zendari Nailo to learn about Invocation.

- Speak to Speak to Engong to discuss Companions.  Choose one of the offered companions. Open your inventory, Select your new companion and then select 'Bind' . You will then need to give your companion a name. The name must be at least 3 letters long. Be aware that the game does have profanity filters so some names you choose may not be allowed. Over time these companions can be upgraded in quality by using Companion Tokens which can be purchased from the Zen Market, Tarmalune Trade House/Auction House or dropped from Lockboxes using Enchanted Keys to open the box. Enchanted Keys can be gained through VIP or purchased with Zen from the Zen Market.

- Open your Character screen and navigate to the Companions Tab. You will need to summon your new companion in order to benefit from its skills. Companions can fight for you, heal you and also provide vital stats that share to your character. They can also hold 3 pieces of companion gear (which you will gain later on in the game) and carry Runestones in that gear to improve your stats.
*Standard Enchants cannot be used with companion gears, only Runestones are permitted.

Every Companion comes with a Companion Enhancement Power These powers differ according to the companion. You will also have 5 slots for additional Companion Powers. Again, these powers provide additional stats/bonuses to your character. To start with, at Level 5 you will have 3 slots unlocked.  Additional Companions can be purchased with Gold from the Companion Vendor, the Tarmalune Tradebar Vendor. They can drop in various areas of the game and in Dungeons, and be purchased with Astral Diamonds (AD) from the Tarmalune Trade House (Auction House). More on Astral Diamonds later in the Guide.

- Speak to about Finnian Hilltopple about Companion Equipment.- Speak with about Aluro Uzuri about Seals.- Speak with Sgt Knox about Dungeon Queues.This will then complete your first Adventure!

Navigate to you Quest Journal/Adventure & Campaigns screen and select Neverdeath Graveyard. Select Claim Rewards to receive the following:Rewards: 1 Gold, 10k Rough AD, Stone of Health, 10 x Divine Injury Kits.


- Rough Astral Diamonds/Refined Astral Diamonds (RAD/AD) – Navigate to your inventory, and select the Riches Tab. You will note there are 2 types of Astral Diamonds in the Riches list. Most AD you receive in the game will be awarded as Rough Astral Diamonds and cannot be spent until it is refined.  To refine AD, In the riches screen, select ‘Refine AD’. Once this is done your Rough AD will then be refined and moved into the Astral Diamonds Category and will then be able to be spent.*There will be a tutorial quest on completion of Vellosk covering Astral DiamondsThis is also a good time to visit the Adventure Seals Trader, inside the Seven Suns Coster Market in PE. There are level appropriate gears here that will have better stats and Item Level than the gears you have gained up to now from quest rewards. At this point, you should have 25 Adventurer seals from the previous quests gains, enabling you to buy one piece of gear for you toon in the Level 1-5 category. Further seals can be gained from quests and also from Dungeon Queues that open up as your Item Level increases.

Astral Diamonds


VIP is a loyalty program with benefits and features that enhance convenience. VIP packs can be purchase with Zen (Via a Microtransaction).After purchasing a VIP Pack from the Zen Market, you will be granted 30 days of VIP bonuses, along with 1 loyalty rank. VIP loyal ranks go up to a maximum of 12.Upon purchase of another VIP pack, the amount of time of the pack is added to the remaining VIP time.  When VIP time expires, access to all loyalty benefits is lost. However, even when VIP time expires, VIP loyalty ranks never decrease. Upon buying another VIP pack, your rank increases, VIP time continues, and benefits return.  VIP rank and time are both account wide, unlocking the benefits for all characters of an account.


VIP Benefits:


Rank 1:

- 10% Bonus Glory and XP for most Professions
- 15% Bonus Astral Diamonds gain on runs of Dungeons, Trials, Skirmishes and PvP- Access to your Professions Workshop from the World Travel Window
- Access to the Moonstone Mask Mask VIP Area- Every day you will receive the following items: 1 x Reward Reroll Token per account; 1 x Enchanted Key


Rank 2:

All of the previous Ranks Benefits plus:

- Ability to teleport to the Moonstone Mask at will
- Every Day you will receive 5 x Healing Potions that are based on your level


Rank 3:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- The Power of VIP: adds 1% maximum hitpoints to every member of your group


Rank 4:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Summon Signpost: Ability  to open the World Travel WIndow from anywhere in the game
- Every day you will receive additional items: +1 Reward Reroll Token


Rank 5:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- You no longer need to be at a Campfire or Altar to Invoke.
- An additional 10% Bonus Astral Diamonds and additional rewards from Invoking


Rank 6:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Summon Mailbox: Ability to summon the Mailbox from anywhere within the game
- Every day you will receive additional items: +1 Reward Reroll Token


Rank 7:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Summon Seal Trader: Ability to summon the Seals Trader from anywhere within the game, allowing you and nearby players to trade in their seals.
- 15% Bonus Astral Diamonds earned from Dungeon End Chests & Heroic Encounters
-  Immunity to Injuries


Rank 8:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- No Auction House Posting Fees
- Wondrous Bazaar costs reduced by 5%
- Restoring Workshop Morale costs 5% less


Rank 9:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Wondrous Bazaar costs reduced by an additional 5% (10% Total Discount)
- Restoring Workshop Morale reduced by an additional 5% (10% Total Discount)
- Summon Profession Vendor: Ability to Summon the Profession Vendor from anywhere within the game


Rank 10:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Wondrous Bazaar costs reduced by an additional 5% (15% total Discount)
- Restoring Workshop Morals reduced by an additional 5% (15% total Discount)


Rank 11:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Wondrous Bazaar costs reduced by an additional 5% (20% Total Discount)
- Restoring Workshop Morals reduced by an additional 5% (20% Total Discount)


Rank 12:

All of the previous Ranks benefits plus:

- Summon Banking Portal: Ability to summon the Banking Portal from anywhere within the game. This gives you access to your Personal Bank Only.
- Wondrous Bazaar costs reduced by an additional 5% (25% Total Discount)- Restoring Workshop Morale reduced by an additional 5% (25% Total Discount)

Section 3


Vellosk – Required IL = 7,000

NW M21 Vellosk.png
  1. The Company of Wolves – Travel to Vellosk
    Rewards: 50 copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  2. Ancient Heritage – Collect Ancestor Necklaces from the corpses of Ragnar, Belrak and Davian at the Stones of Sacrifice on the west end of Hunter’s Path. Return them to the Cairn of the Honored Dead.
    Rewards: 5 Silver; 50 Seals of the Adventurer

  3. Hungry like the Wolves – Help the Wolf Trainer in the Forsworn Camp. Speak to the Forsworn Wolf Trainer in the camp to fully accept this quest.
    Rewards: 5 Silver; Arms Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 250)

  4. The Dark Hunter – Destroy Shadow Totems in the Cursed Grove on the east end of Hunter’s Path.
    Rewards: 5 Silver; Head Gear (Min Level 5 IL = 100)

  5. Sacred Meeting – Meet with Kyrn Whitesky under the waterfall at the Sacred Pool.
    Rewards: 50 copper; 50 Adventurer’s Seals

  6. Relic of the Past – Recover the Uthgardt Relic from the Xin’Kar Enclave.
    Rewards: New Feat; Level 6 Rank up; 10 Silver; Chest Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 300)

  7. Ruins of the Fallen – Kill Bandits in Xin’Kar Ruins.
    Rewards: 5 Silver; 50 Adventurer Seals

  8. Voice of Thunder – Kill Thunderhowl in the Stormcaller Caves.
    Rewards: 12 Silver; Amethyst; Neck Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 300)

  9. Lightning Strikes – Collect Stormcaller Rattles from Stormcallers on Thunder Ridge.
    Rewards: 6 Silver; 50 Adventurer Seals

  10. Seeking the Spirit – Meet with Dying Howl at the Battle Father Shrine in by taking a spirit journey.
    Rewards: 60 Copper; Boots Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 300)

  11. Whisperer in Darkness – Collect a Netherese Orb and Soul Shards from the Gray Wolf Battle Camp.
    Rewards: 6 Silver; Amethyst; Belt Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 300)

  12. The Shadow Falls – Kill Markela Whispersoul in the Shadowkeeper’s Temple.
    Rewards: Level 7 Rank up; 12 Silver; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 300)

  13. Masters in Twilight – Kill Shadar-Kai in Twilight Reach.
    Rewards: 6 Silver; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 5, IL = 300)

  14. The High Road – Meet with Hadrik Longtooth at the High Camp northeast of the Battle Father Shrine.
    Rewards: 70 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  15. Moonlight & Shadow – Recover the Talisman of Selune and the Talisman of Shar.
    Rewards: 14 Silver 9 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  16. Leaders of the Pack – Kill Gray Wolf Packmasters at Elder Roak
    Rewards: 7 Silver 4 Copper; Main Hand Weapon (Min Level 5, IL = 400)

  17. Into the Wolf Den – Enter the Gray Wolf Den.
    Rewards: Level 8 Rank Up; New Daily Power; 21 Silver 13 Copper; Off Hand Weapon (Min Level 5, IL = 400)

  18. Back to the City – Return to Sgt Knox in Protector’s Enclave.
    Rewards: 81 Copper

  19. Missives, Auctions & Diamonds – Learn about Mail, the Auction House and Astral Diamonds.
    Rewards: 8 Silver 5 Copper

    - Visit the Postal Courier
    - Speak with Jarrod Glint, the Auctioneer (In the Tarmalune Trade House/Auction Area in PE
    - Speak with Rhix (to Learn about Queues, PvP & Astral Diamonds).
    - Return to Sgt Knox in the Adventurer’s Guild

 Rewards for full completion: 2 Gold, 20k Rough AD, Improved Bag of Holding (42 Slots), 10 x Scrolls of Life.

Section 4


Back in PE:

  1. A Workshop Opportunity – Opening Quest for Professions. Required Level 8.
    Rewards: 81 Copper; Workshop Contract

NW M21 Workshop.png
  • Head to the Workshop Area, near the back of the Seven Suns Coster Market, watch the cut-scene then enter the workshop via the door in front of you, where another cut-scene will take place.

  • Speak to Clement Montworth, accept his quests, then speak to him again to choose a ‘Retainer’.

  • Choose you retainer from the list, then speak to Clement Montworth again to hand in the Workshop Opportunity Quest.

Tools of the Trade:

  • Speak to your Retainer to accept the Tools of the Trade Quest
    Rewards: 2 Silver 1 Copper; Profession Starter Kit; Materials Bag; Toolbox

  • Choose your first profession to work on. A good choice here is Alchemy. If you plan to do Masterwork Professions in the future, Alchemy has resources that feed all the other Profession Categories.

  • Speak to your Retainer again to complete the quest and receive the rewards.

  • Go to your inventory and the ‘Profession Starter Kit’ will be there, open this kit to receive 60 Animal Bones; 20 Nettle; 10 Soot; 40 Well Water; 2 x tools for the profession you chose (Alchemy = Worn Alembic); 2 x Worn Buckets (for collecting certain resources in the Gathering task); 1 x Worn Crossbow (Hunting tool for Gathering); 1 x Worn Hatchet (Logging Tool for Gathering); 1 x Worn Net (Catching tool for Gathering); 1 x Worn Pickaxe (Mining tool for Gathering); 1 x Worn Scythe (Harvesting tool for Gathering); XP gain for each Profession Category to unlock them for use.

  • Follow the green tutorial box prompts to navigate to your Toolbox tab. There are 2 tabs here, one for your tools, and one for the resources you will use to craft items in your profession. Close this now to progress through to the next step.

Running a Workshop
Rewards: 2 Silver 1 Copper; 24 x Tinker Training Manuals (Supplements); Travel Sized Recipe Book

  • Speak to your Retainer. You are then directed to ‘View Applications’ for Artisans to employ in your workshop

  • Navigate to the Office in your workshop and click on the Desk

  • From the above window, select ‘4 new applications’. This is where new Artisan applications will appear from now on.

  • You will then be presented with an Artisan. At this point, accept all 4 applications. You can hold a total of 8 Artisans at your current Workshop Rank 1. More applications will appear as the days go by. Each Artisan has different stats:

    Proficiency: the higher the number, the more chance you have of being successful at creating the item you have chosen to craft

    Focus: The higher the focus stat, the more chance you will have of creating a higher quality item. These higher quality items have +1 after the item name.

    Commission Multiplier: This is a % stat which determines how much it will cost you in Gold, Silver, Copper, to make the item. A + (positive) % number will mean it costs you more than the displayed cost e.g., +25/50/75/100% or a – (Negative) % number will mean you receive a discount on the displayed cost e.g.,
    -25/50/75/100 %.

    Speed Multiplier: This stat affects the crafting time of an Order. You can have up to 3 Orders crafting at the same time. The +/- stats determines if the crafting time will take longer than displayed or be reduced by the % stat.

    Special Skill: Each Artisan has an additional skill which can help with your crafting. There are various skills available and these have specific names e.g. Recycle: Gives a % chance to refund the materials in case your crafting fails. The skills are noted on each Artisans Tooltip.

  • After accepting the new Artisans, speak to your Retainer again. The Retainer will instruct you now to Use your Worktable. This is where you can craft items available to you.

  • Go to the Worktable and select it to open the crafting window. Here you will have many options, all the categories for professions, a Favorite’s Tab, and a Search Tab.


  • Follow the Green tutorial windows to read about the different sections of the window and how to start a task to create an item.

  • Return to your retainer where they will explain Morale

    MORALE: You can bypass the order section to instantly create an Item. You are allocated 400 Morale per day and each item costs an amount of morale to craft it. You can recharge your morale via your Retainer using Astral Diamonds.

  • Your retainer will then explain how to gather further materials for your crafting through Gathering at the Dispatch Board.


  • Follow the green tutorial window to learn about Gathering

  • You will have gained at least 1 Adventurer when accepting your new recruits at your desk earlier (Similar to an Artisan) and these carry the same type of Stats as an Artisan and also their own Special Skill. Select one of these to continue

  • You will also need to use a tool to gather the required item. Select one of these that you gained earlier, then start the task.

  • Moral cannot be use on gathering, you can only set 3 tasks for this and have to wait until they are complete. Gathered Materials will be placed into your Delivery Box, of which you have to collect them. When the delivery box is full, your ordered task will stop producing items.

  • Speak to your Retainer to continue. They will explain other sources you have available to gain materials

  • Wait for your gathering task to complete, collect your item from the Delivery box to finish this tutorial. You will then be able to craft items within your chosen profession and over the following days, recruit more Artisans to unlock other professions.

  • Extra tools can also be crafted, and basic low-level ones can be gained free from the crates, behind the Worktable.

  • Return to your Retainer after collecting your gathered materials to finish off the tutorial.

    Rewards: 2 Silver; 24 x Tinkers Training Manuals; Travel-Sized Recipe Book

Section 5


Ebon Downs – Required IL = 8,000

NW M21 Ebon Downs.png
  1. The Haunting of Ebon Downs – Meet with Melwil Stouthart in Ebon Downs and learn what happened to Doomguide's Soulearth.
    Rewards: 81 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  2. The Ghost of Grimhollow – Find a Selune’s Tear flower and burn it in the Brazier of the Lost to summon the Ghost of Galwyn Grist
    Rewards: 81 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  3. Fires of Home – Light Hearth Fires in Grimhollow’s abandoned houses to guide the Ghosts back home
    Rewards: 8 Silver 5 Copper; Arms Gear (Min Level 8, IL = 400)

  4. The Pale Shepherds – Slay Wights in the ruined village of Grimhollow
    Rewards: 8 Silver 5 Copper; Boots Gear (Min Level 8, IL = 400

  5. The Haunted Doomguide – Meet Doomguide Soulhearth at the old Temple of Kelemvor and get his help to stop Idris.
    Rewards: 81 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  6. Sealing the Crypts – Help sanctify the Crypts beneath the Shrine of Kelemvor by collecting the Broken Seals and relighting the Braziers.
    Inside the Crypts, check out all the Treasure Chests you come across. Some of these Chests are Mimics, they can attack you and can be a little difficult to kill, however, these can drop level appropriate stat boosting Potions and more importantly, Seals of Adventurer Gears (Saving you spending the seals you have currently earnt). Also watch out for traps. Some classes can disable these traps. If you haven’t got at least Rank 7 VIP, you may be injured from walking through these traps. Injury Kits can be used to remove these injuries or standing in a campfire. If you have a Major injury.  After 30 secs in the campfire this will be lowered to a Minor Injury. After another 30 secs a Minor Injury will be removed from you.
    Rewards: Level 9 Rank up; 2 x New Class Features; Increase Ability Scores; 16 Silver 10 Copper; Chest Gear (Min Level 8, IL = 400) 

  7. The Scales of Kelemvor – Enter the Barrow of the Templars and find the Scales of Kelemvor.
    Rewards: 8 Silver 5 Copper; Head Gear (Min Level 8, IL = 400)

  8. The Barrow Lords – Enter the Lesser Barrows and destroy the Deathknell Shards.
    Rewards: 18 Silver 11 Copper; Amethyst; 2 x Rings (Min Level 8, IL = 400)

  9. The Dread Horde – Destroy Zombies near the Temple of Kelemvor.
    Rewards: 9 Silver 6 Copper; Belt and Waist Gears (Min Level 8, IL = 400)

  10. The Drowned King – Defeat the Drowned King and destroy the Deathknell Shards.
    Level 10 Rank up; Rewards: 18 Silver ; Amethyst; Shirt & Pants Gears (Min Level 9, (IL = 500)

  11. The Soul Slavers – Save Ghosts from Soul Slavers.
    Rewards: 9 Silver 6 Copper; Main Hand Weapon (Min Level 9, IL = 550)

  12. The Throne of Idris – Enter the Throne of Idris from the Royal Rise, destroy the Direhelm Forge and defeat Idris.
    Rewards: Level 11 Rank up; Paragon Path Choice Unlock; 30 Silver 56 Copper; Possible gear and Adventurer Seals drops from the bosses.

  13. Back up from Ebon Downs – Return to Protector’s Enclave and report what happened to Sgt Knox.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 12 Copper

  14. A New Path – Learn more about your future as an Adventurer.
    Rewards: 11 Silver 21 Copper

    - Speak to Gwendolyn Heatherpond, Your Trainer to learn about Paragon Paths. Also select your Chosen
    Paragon from the Character> Powers Screen. Check your powers to see the new At-wills/Encounter
    - Speak with Sgt Knox then head over to the Guild Registrar in Protector’s Enclave
    - Return to Sgt Knox, hand in the quest and then claim the rewards from the Ebon Downs Adventure in your
    Quest Journal> Adventure Tab

Rewards for full completion: 3 Gold, 30k Rough AD, Epic Flail Snail Mount, Rare Mount Collar Choice Pack

  • Equip your new Epic Flail Snail mount and check the Mount Powers screen to adjust those if you need. Also open the Mount choice collar pack and select a collar of choice. Each of your 5 stabled mounts can carry 1 collar. You cannot stack Collars of the same type (Sturdy etc) nor those with the same bonus powers so choose wisely here. To equip your new Mount Collar, navigate to the Mounts Window. You will see a Collar slot to the left of each mount. To Equip, a collar must be of equal or less quality than the Mount you equip it on e.g. A Rare Blue Collar may only be equipped to a mount that is of Rare Quality or above.

Section 6


Icespire Peak – Required IL = 11,000

NW M21 Icespire Peak.png
  1. Peril on Icespire Peak – Travel to Icespire Peak and help the Icehammer Dwarves to retake their territory.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 12 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  2. Prisoners of War – Rescue the Captured Workers and gather Mining Tools in Icespire Peak.
    Rewards: 11 Silver 21 Copper; Enchantments: Dark Rank 5, Savage Rank 5, Radiant Rank 5, Silvery Rank 5.

  3. The Goblin Warrens – Kill Murgal Mawcram in the Goblin Warrens
    Rewards: 1st Feat (Choice between 2 Feats); 22 Silver 41 Copper; Chest Gear (Min Level 11, IL = 550)
    (Bard Only: Steel March Song Unlock)

  4. The Forward Front – Investigate the Triage Camp in Icespire Peak
    - Free the Frozen Dwarves at the camp 0/4
    - Free the Frozen Dwarves up the Mountain 0/4
    Rewards: 12 Silver 22 Copper; Arms Gear (Min Level 11, IL = 550)

  5. A Breath of Fresh Air – Clear Blocked Air Passages in Icespire Peak
    Rewards: 12 Silver 22 Copper; Boots Gear (Min Level 11, IL = 550)

  6. The Icehammer – Retrieve The Icehammer from the Mithral Mines.
    Rewards: Level 13 Rank up; New Class Feature; 12 Silver 22 Copper; Head Gear (Min Level 11, IL = 550)

  7. An Axe Too Far – Assist Florin Icehammer at the Forward assault camp
    Rewards: 1 Silver 32 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  8. Hrimnir’s Hands – Kill the three Frost giants known as Hrimnir’s Hands.
    - Slay Einarr, Rannulfr & Hallvardr
    Rewards: 13 Silver 24 Copper; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 11, IL = 550)

  9. Meltdown – Destroy Ice Spires with Markos’ Orb
    Rewards: 13 Silver 24 Copper; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 11, IL = 550)

  10. Words of Stone – Find Icehammer Scout Messages in Icespire Peak
    Rewards: 13 Silver 24 Copper; Amethyst; Belt & Waist Gear (Min Level 11. IL = 550)

  11. The Final Climb – Receive orders from Orreft Mountwatch, then use the Icehammer Secret Tunnel to climb to the top of Icespire Peak
    Rewards: 1 Silver 32 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  12. The Icy Guardian – Slay the Rime Hound in the Rime Hound Den
    Rewards: 26 Silver 49 Copper; Main Hand Weapon (Min Level 13, IL = 700)

  13. Icespire’s Frozen Heart – Enter the Frost Giants’ Stronghold & slay Hrimnir, Frost Giant Chieftain.
    Rewards: Level 14 Rank up; 2nd Feat (Choice between 2); Increase Ability Scores; 39 Silver 73 Copper; Off Hand Weapon (Min Level 13, IL = 700) (Bard Only: New Song Unlock, Ballad of the Witch) (Adventurer Seals from Bosses

  14. The Mithral Must Flow – Return to Protector’s Enclave and convey the Icehammer Clan’s thanks to Sgt Knox.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 43 Copper



14. How Enchanting – Learn about Enchantments & Refinement Points
      Rewards: 14 Silver 26 Copper

- Speak with Tarhun in the Adventurer’s Guild- Take the opportunity to also read the information on Artifacts and how to upgrade those.

- Receive an ‘Etched Glass Enchantment’, 2 x Mark of Potency Rank 1s along with ‘Polished Quartz’ that you can refine

- Go to your Inventory and select the Polished Quartz. Bring up the item menu on the Quartz and select  ‘Convert to Refinement Points

- Select the Etched Glass Enchantment and open the menu for it, select ‘Refine’. The Refinement window will then open. In this menu there is a bar showing how many Refinement points are needed to upgrade the enchant and a box to the left, showing which Reagents you need to further the upgrade, in this case a Mark of Potency Rank 1. At the bottom of the window, it shows you the chance of being successful with your upgrade. This chance is given as a percentage, and each attempt at upgrading will use that same percentage.  The higher the rank of Enchantment you are attempting to upgrade to, the lower the chance of success. If your upgrade attempt fails, the reagents used will be lost.  

You will also notice a box to the right. This is where you can place a 'Ward'. There are 2 types of wards available, Preservation Wards (these preserve your reagents in case the upgrade fails) and Coalescent Wards (Guarantee a successful upgrade every time). It is better to use Preservation wards for Rank 8 to 9 enchants and above as the reagents become harder to drop and procure at these ranks. It isalso advisable to only use a Coalescent ward when the chance is below 5%. Many players tend to save these for use only on a 1% chance upgrade.

- The Etched Glass Enchant shows a 100% chance of upgrade success, so now hit the upgrade button in the window. You should now have an Etched Glass Enchantment Rank 2.

- Speak to Tarhun again and give him back the Enchantment, he will give you a Dark Enchantment Rank 2, that you can keep and upgrade as you need.

-  Return to Sgt Knox

Further Enchantments come from many places in the game. Rank 1 to 5 Enchantments can be purchased from the Sage Shop in Protector’s Enclave. Rank 12 to 15 Enchantments can be purchased from the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant. They also drop from Lockboxes and Dungeon/Trial Queues and can be bought with Astral Diamonds from the Auction house also.

Refinement Points

You will have noticed various gems given as a reward for quests, and dropping from enemies, Amethyst, Quartz, White Pearls and many more are available as you progress to more difficult content. These are specifically to convert into Refinement points to spend in upgrading your Enchantments and Artifacts. There is also an in game event periodically, Bonus Refinement Points in which you can earn extra refinement simply by killing enemies.

Rewards for full Completion: 5 Gold, 50k AD, Mystic Phoera Companion, Rank 8 Runestone Choice pack (3x Runestones)

Section 7


The Chasm – Required IL = 14,000

NW M21 The Chasm.png
  1. Descent into The Chasm – Meet with Captain Markath in the Chasm.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 43 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  2. Call to Arms – Recover Weapon Caches and Supply Crates from the Broken Barracks.
    Rewards: 14 Silver 26 Copper; Boots Gear (Min Level 14 IL = 700)

  3. Plaguefires Burning – Extinguish Plaguefires on the Burning Road then report to Lieutenant Trell at Fort Precipice.
    Rewards: 14 Silver 26 Copper; Arms Gear (Min Level 14, IL = 700)

  4. Point of Pride – Recover the Scar Company Banner lost on the field of battle
    Rewards: 14 Silver 26 Copper; Head Gear (Min Level 14, IL = 700)

  5. Fallen Heroes – Mark the location of Fallen Soldiers so the bodies can be recovered.
    Rewards: 14 Silver 26 Copper; Amethyst; Neck & Waist Gears (Min Level 14, IL = 700)

  6. Quenching the Flames – Head to the Plaguefire Ruins north of Fort Precipice and kill Trokar the Firestarter.
    Rewards: Level 15 Rank up; New Encounter Power; New Class Feature; 28 Silver 52 Copper; Chest Gear (Min Level 14, IL = 700)

  7. Arcane Scryings – Meet with Quorthorn at the Scrying Tower
    Rewards: 1 Silver 53 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  8. Warped Magic – Gather Warped Magic Items from the ruins of the Arcanist Quarter.
    Rewards: 15 Silver 28 Copper; Rank 5 Enchantments (Dark, Azure Savage, Cruel, Radiant, Silvery)

  9. A Grave Task – Repair a Broken Seal of Kelemvor in the Arcanist Quarter.
    Rewards: 15 Silver 28 Copper; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 14, IL = 700)

  10. Foulspawn Foothold – Destroy Foulspawn Gates by shattering the Plague Crystals that power them.
    Rewards: 15 Silver 28 Copper; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 14, IL = 700)

  11. Cathedral of Madness – Kill Senobith the Corruptor in the Cathedral of Madness. Find the Order of Blue Flame Talisman from killing Acolytes of Corruption to unlock entry to the Cathedral
    Rewards: Level 16 Rank up; New At Wills Power; New Feats (Choice between 2); Increase Ability Scores; 30 Silver 56 Copper; Shirt & Pants Gears (Min Level 15, IL = 800) (Bard Only; New Song – Ballad of the Hero) (25 Adventurer Seals for Boss Kill)

  12. Chaotic Depths – Meet with Quorthorn’s Astral Projection at the Mystic Grotto
    Rewards: 1 Silver 64 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  13. Crystal Clarity – Gather the Plague Crystals in the Crystal Caves.
    Rewards: 16 Silver 40 Copper; Main Hand Weapon (Min Level 16, IL = 850)

  14. Closer to the Source – Travel to the Jagged Approach and speak to Quorthorn’s Astral Projection. Speak to Quorthorn again to Travel to the area.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 64 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  15. Source of Corruption – Eliminate the Source of Corruption within the Twisted Fane.
    Rewards: Level 17 Rank up; New Encounter Power; New Class Feature;  32 Silver 80 Copper; Off Hand Weapon (Min Level 16, IL = 850)

  16. Chasm Report – Meet with Sgt Knox in Protector’s Enclave
    Rewards: 1 Silver 74 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  17. Artifacts and Insignias - Learn About Artifacts and Insignias.

    - Speak to Tarhun Delmirev about Artifacts
    - Enter the Forgotten Vault (via the Orb on the table in front of you)
    - Fight your way to the end to recover the Forgotten Artifact
    - Speak to Tarhun again and collect your choice of Artifact from the Chest.
    - Speak with Fadre about the Stable and Insignias ( also refer back to Section 2 Five Keys to Success for more info).
    - Speak to Sgt Knox

    Rewards: 17 Silver 42 Copper; A Choice of one of the following: Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue, Waters of Elah’zad, Lantern of Revelation

    Rewards for Full Completion:
    7 Gold, 70k RAD, Epic Insignia Choice Pack x 3, Rank 8 Single Stat Choice Pack x 4


Section 8


The Whispering Caverns – Required IL = 17,000

NW M21 Whispering Caverns.png
  1. Into the Underdark – Meet with the Underdark Guide Davlin Hoth in the Northdark
    Rewards: 1 Silver 74 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  2. Hunters in the Dark – Collect Cell Keys from Drow Huntresses and Driders in the Verdant Caves.
    Rewards: 17 Silver 42 Copper; Arms Gear (Min Level 17, IL = 850)

  3. Underdark Harvest – Gather Bitter Berries from plants in the Verdant Caves
    Rewards: 17 Silver 42 Copper; Boots Gear (Min Level 17, IL = 850)

  4. Prisoners of the Drow – Free Prisoners being held in the Slave Pits of Zesraena
    Rewards: 17 Silver 42 Copper; Chest Gear (Min Level 17, IL = 850)

  5. Xorlarrin Outpost – Enter the Xorlarrin Outpost and recue Mandrake Deepwise.
    Rewards: Level 18 Rank Up; New Feat (Choice between 2) 17 Silver 42 Copper; Rank Enchantments (Dark, Savage, Radiant, Silvery, Cruel)

  6. Delving Deeper – Meet with Underdark guide Jasper Steele who is investigating the Duergar-Drow Alliance.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 84 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  7. The Payoff – Kill Drow & Duergar overseeing the weapon exchange in the Duergar Mines.
    Rewards: 18 Silver 45 Copper; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 17, IL = 850

  8. A Winch in their Plans – Destroy Winch Mechanisms to disable Duergar mining cranes.
    Rewards: 18 Silver 45 Copper; Rank 5 Enchantments (Dark, Azure, Savage, Radiant, Silvery, Cruel)

  9. The Overseers – Kill a Mind Flayer Overseer in the Crucible.
    Rewards: 18 Silver 45 Copper

  10. Quality Work – Collect Duergar Smithing Supplies from Duergar and their work sites.
    Rewards: 18 Silver 45 Copper; Amethyst; Belt Gear (Min Level 17, IL = 850)

  11. Wrathforge – Enter the Wrathforge and Defeat the Forge Master.
    Rewards: Level 19 Rank up; New Class Feat; 18 Silver 45 Copper; Head Gear Min Level 17, IL = 850)

  12. The Upper Vault – Pass through the portal and find the Underdark Guide Soren Ravaris.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 95 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  13. Resonance Stones – Use Soren’s Mind Blank Scroll against Resonance Stones in the Illithid Sept.
    Rewards: 19 Silver 47 Copper; Amethyst; Ring Gear (Min Level 17, IL = 850)

  14. Thrall Keepers – Kill Mind Flayer Masterminds and Scourges in the Upper Vault.
    Rewards: 19 Silver 47 Copper; Rank 5 Enchantments (Dark, Brutal, Savage, Radiant, Silvery)

  15. Into the Unknown – Investigate the Illithid Laboratories.
    Rewards: 1 Silver 95 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  16. Brain Damage – Destroy Brain Canisters in the Illithid Laboratory.
    Rewards: 19 Silver 47 Copper; Amethyst; Neck Gear (Min Level 17, Il = 850)

  17. Unwilling Hosts – Kill Mindflayer Hosts.
    Rewards: 19 Silver 47 Copper; Main Hand Weapon (Min Level 19, Il 950)

  18. The Birthing Pools – Collect Wruz’s Poison from his gear and add it to a Mind Flayer Birthing Pool.
    Rewards: 19 Silver 47 Copper; Off Hand Weapon (Min Level 19, IL 950)

  19. Illithid Enclave – Enter the Illithid Enclave and slay Revered Thlorrog.
    Rewards: Level 20 Rank up; New Daily Power; New Feats (Choice Between 2); 19 Silver 47 Copper; Rank 5 Enchantments (Dark, Azure, Savage, Vicious, Radiant, Silvery)


Section 9


Protector’s Enclave

NW M21 Sgt Knox Pedestal.png
  1. Back to the Surface – Meet with Sgt Knox in Protector’s Enclave.
    Rewards: 2 Silver 5 Copper; 50 Adventurer Seals

  2. The Loose Thread – Return to the Adventurer’s Guild……. Face a well known Foe!!!
    Rewards: 20 Silver 25 Copper;

NW M21 Throne Room.png

   3. An Audience with the Protector – Speak to Lord Neverember in the Throne Room.
       Rewards: 20 Silver 25 Copper; Cloak of the Regents Guard (Neck Transmute) Greater Belt Choice Pack (Artifact Belt); Cloak of the Protector
       (Artifact Neck); Title: Friend of Neverwinter

   4. Campaigns, Boons & Epic Adventures – Learn about Boons and Campaigns.
       Rewards: 20 Silver 25 Copper

Rewards for full Completion: 10 Gold, 100k RAD, Rank 8 Weapon Choice Pack

Welcome to the Start of Endgame!!

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