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Echoes of Prophecy - A Closer Look!

With the recent official release of the Developer Blog for Echoes of Prophecy, we have had a chat with the Cryptic team and have a little more information to share on the upcoming content due to release to all platforms on October 1st 2022.

The Developer Blog can be found here:

The Campaign

Julia (Nit0cris), the Community Manager for Neverwinter has today provided us CCPs with a couple of screenshots of the new Echoes of Prophecy Campaign Screen.

(*We aren't sure if any changes will be made to these before the live launch!)

As the Dev blog noted, the temporary campaign has been split into 3 Milestones, each one lasting 1 month.

The First Milestone is named 'A Tear in the Weave' and start on all platforms on October 1st 2021.

The second Milestone, 'Prophetic Retellings' Runs from November 1st - 30th 2021

The last Milestone. 'Of Dragon's and Influence' runs from December 1st - 31st 2021

EOP seems to take a similar format to what we all saw during The Redeemed Citadel, with each of the 3 milestones being 'split' into 4 parts, each with a reward for progressing to each of the points. You will need to earn a total of 4000 currency to complete each Milestone with rewards given for each 1000 currency earned.

Again, very similar to last year's Redeemed Citadel, there are 2 rows of rewards. The top row can be earnt without any Battle Pass purchases and yes, contain a 'Mythic' box.

The bottom row of rewards can be earnt buy purchasing one of the Battle passes - more info on that below.

The Battle Passes

The Battle Passes are Account Wide Unlock, so can be used on all the toons you wish to progress through the content although, after April 30th 2022, the campaign will disappear entirely from the game, so you will only have until then to complete the content on the characters of your choice.

  • Purchase a Battle Premium Pass for 2500 Zen and unlock the premium reward track for all 3 milestones. The Price on this specific buyout will remain at 2500 Zen throughout the campaign

  • If you have a premium pass you can still complete milestones after they're over. Progress for premium pass holders can be done through Apr 30th 2022.

  • Battle Premium Pass can be purchased up to Mar 31st 2022.

  • There are also milestone buyouts that start at 1000 Zen per milestone. The cost is reduced by how much progress you've made in that milestone.

We asked for further clarification on the reductions in price for the 1000 Zen Passes for each of the 3 Milestones. Julia stated that "Price reduction is progress based for each milestone. So the bar is up to 4000 which means that if you get to 2000 in that bar, the buyout is now 50% less in price.... The price will adjust based on the progress earned in the campaign.... Cost goes down continuously so if you've reached like 22% of progress, price will go down by that much."

So there you have it! What do you think of the upcoming content? Will you be buying the Battle Pass? How many of your characters will you be aiming for to complete the content? And what's in those Mythic boxes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below We would like to give Julia (Nit0cris) a Huge thanks for making this information available to us CCP's today. The official Dev Blog will also be updated As and when we get more information we will of course share it with you all where we can. Happy Grinding!!


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