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Mod 27: Light of Xaryxis, Spelljammer now LIVE on all Preview Servers

On Thursday evening, 28th September 2023, the new Module 27, went live on all available Preview servers for early testing. This module is based on the Spelljammer Table Top campaigns. There is no official announcement for the module's live release date, as yet the content is still in developer mode.

Disclaimer: All of the content currently available on the Preview Servers is heavily subject to change before live release

The NWN team has taken a quick look at the new content and for those who haven't access to the Preview servers, we also grabbed some images and footage from the early intro quests for you all.


Falling Stars

As with many new modules, the Light of Xaryxis campaign begins with Sgt. Knox and the quest, "Falling Stars"...

Off to Neverember we go.....

Well, this looks a little familiar.... Siege anyone?

Just a "small" rendering issue for the would be dangerous Crystal.... What is it for? We don't want to give everything away and ruin the storyline for you.... though (Spoiler Alert!!), info on this is in the second video below.


What enemies will we face? One's with alot of Control effects!

Control Effects you say??.... Yep! Especially on some bosses.... Here is a summary run through of the first few quests going into the new campaign:


The Campaign


There are some lovely environments. More attentive players may be able to pick out certain visuals from other areas of the game....

In Wildspace

Planet Remichi - Site 6


Access to the Preview Servers

If you want to gain access to any of the preview servers:

#NWPC - Follow the instructions here and in the video below to copy your character over to the PC Mimic server

#NWXbox & #NeverwinterPS : Unfortunately, the process for console players is a little more involving, as there is no way to copy your character over to Consoles Preview servers due to limitations with Sony & Microsoft.

To gain access to one of the console servers, you will need to contact Julia (Nit0cris) on the email below

Make sure you note which console platform you wish to access somewhere in the subject line and also include your Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID in the email.


We still have much M27 content to share, so keep an eye out for our next blog. In the meantime, if you have already have access to the Preview servers, let us know in the comments what your first impressions of the new content are.

Happy Grinding everyone



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