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M21 Bard Button/Keybinds & Combos - All Platforms. UPDATED: FEB 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

NOTE: This guide has now been fully updated with the new console keybinds, after they were changed late last year!!

With the imminent release of M21 Jewel of the North on Xbox and Playstation this week, there has been much talk on how the Bard's songs will work on Console controllers, so we created these graphics to help you learn the button binds and song combo button presses.

Playable Notes

Let's start with the playable notes, below you will see the notes themselves and the corresponding button/key binds.

Bard Song Combos

Now onto the actual button and key press combos. All classes have a 'special power', accessed via the Tab button on PC, the RB button on Xbox or the R1 button on PlayStation On the Bard, in combat, you will enter Combat Perform mode via these same buttons. Then follow the combo presses below to activate each song.

There also also Quickplay slots, where you can add 1 or 2 of the songs to these binds, to allow quick play of them. Songblade DPS allows 1 quick slotted power, Minstrel Heals allows 2 quick slotted powers. Playing songs on quick slots wont activate the full effect of some powers however, so choose what you add to these carefully. A quick run through of all the Bards available powers, feats & songs can be found here:

The quick slotted powers are accessed by entering combat perform mode and pressing the following keys/buttons:


Quickslot 1 – Q

Quickslot 2 – E

Xbox Quickslot 1 – RT Quickslot 2 – LT

PlayStation Quickslot 1 – R2

Quickslot 2 – L2

Free Perform Mode

In addition to combat songs, you can also unleash your inner Musician and play songs of your own choosing (although these will not activate any other powers) To enter free perform mode:

PC - Tab

Xbox - LB + RS (Right Analog Stick Press Down)

PlayStation - L1 + R3 (Right Analog Stick Press Down)

You can also play sharp (♯) and flat notes (♭) (Half step or Semitones Up/Down), and access 2 additional octaves:

So there you have it, we hope you have fun with the new class, and for console players, let us know in the comments how you find the song combos!! Enjoy!!


Last Update: Feb 17th 2022

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Sonia Tremblay
Sonia Tremblay
07 abr 2022


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Sonia Tremblay
Sonia Tremblay
07 dic 2021

Do we have the New controllers table?

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03 abr 2022
Contestando a

All updated now to reflect the new button assignments.

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